If your child is showing symptoms of COVID-19, please let the school office know as soon as possible.  If you need to report symptoms and it is out of normal schools hours, please click here.
Staff members - If you are displaying symptoms of COVID-19, it is important that your head know as soon as possible.  Should you need to report this to us outside of normal school hours, you can complete a secure report form and a member of staff will make contact with you as soon as possible.  For the report form, please click here. 
Our team is fully committed to making children's learning as exciting as possible, and our vision of 'Inspire, Enrich, Enlighten' sums up what we aim to achieve. Explore our website and you will see a snapshot of the range of activities we provide for each class. We regularly review our planning so that the children's learning is relevant and engaging. Being part of the Kernow LearningTrust means that our staff have the opportunity to share ideas, giving our children an even richer experience with us.  At several points during the year, there are also opportunities for children from all of our schools to get together too.  Once you have had a virtual tour, why not make an appointment to come and look round?   
You will often see me at the beginning or end of school day, this means that I am available to chat. Otherwise please call into the office and make an appointment or drop me an email.

Mark Clutsom - Headteacher
We have had our work celebrated in the Parliamentary Review for 2019 click on the link below:
We have created various links to support your child if they are away from school - please see your child's class page (under the curriculum tab).
Access to Times Table Rockstars click below (your child will need their login in details)
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Safeguarding Information

‘We have a commitment to safeguard our children’.

We all have a responsibility to act if we are worried about a child. All Children have a right to be safe no matter who they are or what their circumstance.


Designated Lead for Child Protection:
Mark Clutsom

Designated Teachers for Child Protection:
Jess Poole & Nikki Foster

For Children in Care:
Jess Poole
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