Catch Up Funding

Following the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Government has committed to providing Catch Up funding in a one off Grant, spread over three terms for schools to use.
The aim is to support children in their re-integration to full schooling.  Whilst the terms 'catch up' and 'Covid generation' may be often heard in various media, we believe in 'bridging the gap'.
Our team has planned many activities and opportunities to ensure the children at Charlestown develop a deeper understanding of the world, and are not simply filled with knowledge.
Much of what we are planning to do was already part of our school improvement plan.  This additional funding will enable us to build on those plans, much of which are based on reading.  We believe that developing confident and competent readers who love reading, will enable all children to gain a deeper understanding in all areas of life.
If you have any questions about the Catch Up grant, please contact Mr Clutsom, via the office.