Charlestown's Curriculum

Inspire, Enrich and Enlighten

Charlestown Primary School's Curriculum Intent Statement


Kernow Learning’s Curriculum Vision

The curriculum in our schools is bold, ambitious, exciting and inclusive, making learning irresistible for all.  It is rooted in the communities that our schools are proud to serve and capitalises on the knowledge, skills and diversity they offer.  We are committed to a curriculum which enables children to flourish in and positively shape the rapidly changing global village they will inhabit.


What does this look like at Charlestown Primary School?


Inspire, Enrich and Enlighten

We lead the way and INSPIRE our pupils’ enthusiasm for learning by ENRICHING their curriculum with hands-on experiences and ENLIGHTENING them, and our community, to work collaboratively and support each other.



At Charlestown we pride ourselves on our exciting and engaging curriculum which aims to inspire our pupils, staff and parents. The children are encouraged to have ‘a spirit of enquiry’ and take responsibility for their own learning whilst fostering the values of truth, justice, honesty, trust and responsibility.


Using the National Curriculum as a basis, we teach our children with the school community, local area, national and global context in mind. Our curriculum is the product of an evolving school and the talent of our staff in creating learning that is enjoyed by all.


The curriculum is designed to allow pupils to begin to develop the knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes necessary for their own development and to enable them to play a full part in a society. The personal development of pupils spiritually, morally, socially and culturally plays a significant part in the ability to learn, achieve and celebrate diversity. All pupils are respected and have equal rights of access and opportunities to engage with our curriculum.



We enrich our pupils’ learning experience at Charlestown with purposeful activities that are bold, exciting and inspiring. These range from residential trips and visits as well as a range of experiences both on and off site that not only motivate our pupils but support their mental health and well-being too; ensuring there are opportunities for personal growth in all aspects of their learning.


Our curriculum is very much based on enriching the lives of our learners through the great outdoors and experiences beyond the classroom. Learning is enhanced by our school forest and outdoor learning spaces. This is not a separate entity to the classroom, instead it is used as an extended part of our learning environment that successfully supports our children in their learning.


At Charlestown we embrace technology, using it innovatively to support teaching and learning across the curriculum and to make links with others beyond the classroom.



Charlestown Primary School is at the heart of our local community. We often welcome visitors such as the Fire Service or RNLI so that we can learn from them whilst also offering to share our expertise with others. It is important that our pupils feel a sense of belonging, not only to their school community but the one in which they live too; locally and globally.