At Charlestown Primary School, we believe that the development of mathematical skills is a
basic entitlement for all pupils and that all of the pupils should receive an appropriate
and challenging curriculum in order to reach their full potential.

Mathematics helps children to have a better understanding of the world around them
through their ability to calculate, reason and solve problems. It enables children to
understand relationships and patterns in both number and space in their everyday lives.

• To develop a positive attitude to mathematics through varied experiences to
enable every child to reach their full potential;
• To meet the requirements set out in The National Curriculum document for each
year group;
• To develop the skills, knowledge and understanding through becoming thinkers and
problem solvers;
• To provide a relevant, challenging and enjoyable curriculum;
• To promote enjoyment of learning through practical activity, exploration and
• To differentiate planning to suit the needs of individuals, through activities,
questioning, support, resources and challenges, where appropriate;
• To update staff on resources available, training and development opportunities;
• To promote confidence and competence by creating an ‘I can (do this)’ ethos in
classrooms and the school in general; and
• To understand the importance of mathematics in everyday life.
March 2022: Quotes from the children
Y1 child: 'Independent maths can be tricky but we keep persevering.'
Y2 child: 'I love maths. It's fun!'
Y3 child: 'Maths is to educate for the future, to help other subjects and it's useful in real like like for money.'
Y4 child: 'We learn so much in maths and we do maths all the time, even for telling the time and stuff.'
Y5 child: 'I love maths because you learn things usual for life. It helps you figure out hard things and applies to real life.'
Y6 child: 'We learn about different methods and it's really fun. I do extra maths every day at home just for fun.'
Mr Lane

Maths Leader