Rationale and Introduction

Music is concerned with the creative, aesthetic and emotional response to rhythmic combinations of sounds and is important to the educational development of the child.

It can promote children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and key skills of communication, application of number, use of ICT, improvement of own learning performance and problem solving, as well as providing opportunities to promote thinking skills, enterprise and entrepreneurial skills, and work related learning.

Music can also be used to create and sustain a positive and supportive learning environment. It has also been shown to significantly enhance brain development.

At Charlestown Primary School, we are committed to working with other schools and local agencies from the wider community. As a result, we encourage our children to take their schools into the community, for example by joining clubs, and we welcome the expertise of members of the community (such as experienced music specialists) into school.



Music education has two strands; creation and evaluation. The creative element involves children in using a variety of instruments for performing and composing. The evaluative element enables pupils to develop skills in listening to and appraising their own work and that of other musicians and composers and to understand the value and significance of music in society.

Music at Charlestown Primary School should present children with the opportunity to:

  • Develop their performing skills by controlling sounds through singing and playing;
  • Develop their composing skills by creating and developing musical ideas;
  • Develop their appraising skills by responding and reviewing;
  • Listen and apply knowledge and understanding;
  • Gain access to many areas of music through a broad and balanced curriculum;
  • Develop and foster self-confidence and self-esteem;
  • Develop the capacity to evaluate and appreciate the performance of self and others, and comment appropriately;
  • Learn how to handle musical instruments safely, while understanding the need for this;
  • Make cross-curricular links within the Music curriculum, and with Music and other NC subjects. 
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