Outdoor Learning

Since 2016, we have been developing our outdoor learning environment.  We have been lucky enough to access grants, donations and fund raised ourselves to help transform our outdoor areas so they can be an extension of our indoor learning areas.
For example, as part of National Tree planting week in 2017, children from across the school helped plant a mini orchard.  The trees were donated by the Woodland Trust.  The children enjoyed getting their hands dirty and are looking forward to tasting the fruit in the coming years.
The trees were donated as part of a successful grant written by the Trust project development manager.  (Part of being in a Trust means we are able to access funds through bids they write).  Thanks to Polly Menear for her work on this.
In some of the pictures, you will see children wearing green uniform.  They are Charlestown children - celebrating the launch of our sister school Sky School (also part of Kernow Learning).  We regularly provide outdoor learning training for teachers, other school staff and trainee teachers.
Outdoor learning is constantly developing at Charlestown, so keep an eye on Twitter for our latest activities as well as more information on this page.
One of our most recent developments - following a huge fundraising effort by the children, with support from the Friends of Charlestown (PTA) - is our bike track - which more than just allowing us to cycle around our outdoor area, gives much better access of this resource to all of our children.  Watch the video shot by Logan below:
A group of year 5 and 6’s went to Blackwater to use the Cornwall BMX Racing Club bikes and track with an Accredited British Cycling Coach. A successful day of grit, determination and perseverance.
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