Reading is the one skill we want all children to develop to the best of their ability - as it is the key to all learning.  We aim for children to become independent and confident readers, so that they develop a love of reading.
Starting in EYFS, we use Read, Write Inc. as our systematic approach to the learning of phonics.  There is a really talented and trained group of adults ready to support all children and help them on their reading journey. Children are checked every 6 weeks and the groups are adjusted to meet their next steps. All children take part in the national Y1 phonics check.
Once our pupils are starting to read more fluently and complete the Read Write Inc programme, we support them to develop their comprehension skills using an approach called 'VIPERS' alongside Accelerated Reader - a new initiative we have adopted to support children in fostering a love of independent reading.
Other Reading Opportunities
Silver Stories:  we are proud members of this scheme set up by Elisabeth and David Carney-Howarth.  Each week, a group of children read books to senior citizens in our community via Teams.  This gives them a chance to connect across the generations and learn to love sharing their books as much as they enjoy reading them.
More information can be found on the scheme's website
If you know of someone in the community who would like to be involved, please contact the school office.
We also take part in special events such as World Book Day, Roald Dahl day etc to raise the profile of Reading here at Charlestown and give the children regular chances to share their favourite books with staff and each other.
Things you can do to help:
  • Try to set aside 10-15 mins as often as possible - to listen to your child read or share a book with them.  Even 3-4 times a week is a great start.
  • Join the library and visit as often as you can.
  • Why not ask relatives to give a gift of a book for birthdays or Christmas?  It could be that there is an audio book on a CD which could go with the book.
  • Encourage any older siblings to share in the reading with or listening of younger ones read.
  • Talk about the books you have read with them, ask them what their favourite part was and why.  There are lots of other helpful hints in the Vipers section of the school website.

RWi Resources and Information for parents:


Some Useful Links

Sound pronunciation guide

Sound pronunciation guide: These are the sounds that your children will learn during the Read Write Inc, programme. Learn how to pronounce pure sounds from Set 1 Sounds through to Set 3 with 5 year-old Sylvie.

Parent Tutorial: Teaching Sound Blending

How to support your child at home: A link with some helpful tips. Watch this parent tutorial to learn our method of teaching children to blend sounds into words.

Read Write Inc. Phoneme Pattern Flash Cards

Green words: Green words are ones that can be broken down into sounds, and blended together to read. The programme teaches a series of sounds and these can then be used to help decode and read green words. If your child would like to practise their green words at home and you would like to see an example of the types of words we use for decoding in sessions, you can follow the link below:-

Loads more information is available at:-

Accelerated Reader Resources and Information for parents:

Since Easter 2021, we have been using Accelerated Reader to support the teaching and assessment of reading.
This programme is managed by Artificial Intelligence and is able to adapt the questions to check children's understanding of what they have been reading.
More details can be found on the following website and in the attached handout: