Reading and phonics information for parents

Some Useful Links

Sound pronunciation guide

Sound pronunciation guide: These are the sounds that your children will learn during the Read Write Inc, programme. Learn how to pronounce pure sounds from Set 1 Sounds through to Set 3 with 5 year-old Sylvie.

Parent Tutorial: Teaching Sound Blending

How to support your child at home: A link with some helpful tips. Watch this parent tutorial to learn our method of teaching children to blend sounds into words.

Read Write Inc. Phoneme Pattern Flash Cards

Green words: Green words are ones that can be broken down into sounds, and blended together to read. The programme teaches a series of sounds and these can then be used to help decode and read green words. If your child would like to practise their green words at home and you would like to see an example of the types of words we use for decoding in sessions, you can follow the link below:-

Loads more information is available at:-

Since Easter 2021, we have been using Accelerated Reader to support the teaching and assessment of reading.
This programme is managed by Artificial Intelligence and is able to adapt the questions to check children's understanding of what they have been reading.
More details can be found on the following website and in the attached handout.