We are one of several schools within Kernow Learning Trust that are working with The Ogden Trust as partners.  This means we have access to exciting scientific opportunities.  

Through the School Partnerships programme, the Ogden Trust is providing funding, equipment, CPD and facilitate partnership working with other schools and Trusts in the UK.

The four year partnership runs from 2020 - 2024 and the funding will be used to provide events, activities, trips and training to the 10 participating schools.
Science leaders from each of the partnership schools meet termly to plan an exciting and inspiring programme of events.


Science essentially helps children to make sense of the world around them. Science allows children to acquire a body of knowledge which is supported by completing experimental tests and which is organised in a way that makes it easy to use. Science also provides children with the opportunity to access a practical way of finding reliable answers to questions we may ask about the world around us.


 Aims and Objectives

 -       To nurture children’s natural inclination to explore the world and examine changes in the world.

-       To ensure children acquire knowledge as a result of finding answers to questions about the world around them.

-       To engage pupils with learning about science, using an array of techniques to link ideas with practical experiences.

-       To support pupils to question and explore scientific issues that are likely to impact upon their own lives.

-       To help pupils develop and evaluate scientific ideas, using a number of different scientific techniques, such as investigative skills.

-       To have strong cross-curricular links and improves children’s communication skills, numeracy, problem solving and ICT skills. 


Charlestown Science

Science and Engineering are rapidly growing and important industries in the modern world. Even if children do not become scientists or engineers, they will grow up in a world that requires scientific literacy and critical thinking skills. Science is all around us and helps children to make sense of the world. Charlestown Primary School recognises the importance of Science and strives to maintain a high profile for the subject. Our intent to enthuse and inspire children to develop a love of science is reflected in our curriculum and enrichment activities.


Pupils learn through practical activities that link to the real world and through discussion. Working scientifically skills are embedded in our curriculum. A scientist questions, predicts, observes, records, analyses and evaluates. All children can be scientists by following their own natural curiosity and at Charlestown, teachers emphasise these skills in order for children to flourish. Our school strongly encourages the use of subject specific vocabulary and through effective teaching of science we develop children’s knowledge and key skills during each unit of science.


On the journey across the school, children become increasingly more independent, completing pupil led investigations, selecting resources and choosing their own strategies for recording. Pupils’ enthusiasm for science in our school is clear. Extra-curricular events and science weeks have been a huge success.

March 2022: The children said.....
Year 1 child: 'We like science, we do lots of experiments.'
Year 2 child: 'We learn about how things work. We learn about everything!'
Year 3 child: 'We make experiments. We see what's inside things. I loved looking at rocks and volcanos.'
Year 4 child: 'We make towers out of ice cubes. It was very cold! We made ice cream too. Science is amazing.'
Year 5 child: 'We do a bit of everything. I like doing the science quizzes to show what you've learnt.' 
Year 6 child: 'I like to investigate and write about experiments. Can we do more science please- every day!?'
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