Over the coming months, we will be uploading videos of the exciting learning that is happening in school.
Please keep coming back here to check what we've been up to.
The most recent one is a song based on McFly's hit.  Tom Fletcher (one of the band) is also an excellent children's author and we were hoping he would pop in when they performed at Eden recently!  He didn't make it, but we made the news! Pirate FM website News section 9th Sept. 2021
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21st September 2021
We are delighted to have been shortlisted for the Tesco Community grant.  Following our success in 2018 when they helped fund our poly tunnel, we have applied to the fund to help increase what we grow.
The children have been growing a range of fruit and vegetables.  They would like to increase the amount and range of produce they grow so we can use more of it in the school kitchen.  This will reduce the school's carbon footprint and the food miles, as well as teaching the children about food for life.
Who knows, we may even have enough food left over to sell in our own farm shop?  All profits will be used to buy the next season's seeds etc. once we have invested the initial grant.
How can you help?
Make sure you are given your blue tokens when you've been shopping in Tesco, then slot it into our counter section in store.
The scheme runs from 1st October - 31st December 2021.  Thank you for your help!
Outdoor learning is at the heart of much of our teaching and learning.  These pictures were taken to show how we learn and to help promote our 'Sister' school - Sky School which is due to open in 2022.