Year 3 Gorran Haven

Mrs Nikki Williamson

Class teacher

If your child is still reading books from the Read, Write Inc (Yellow, Blue or Grey books) it would benefit them try some the websites mentioned in this document. 
If you would like your children to be accessing additional work weekly - not linked to the weekly topic, please use the links below for possible ideas. 
Thank you for your continued support. 
Useful resources for learning at home
English Resources
PE/ Wellbeing/ Mindfulness/ Just for fun
As much as possible, we take our learning outside. It would be great if children could have a pair of wellies or old shoes in school at all times as well as a suitable coat.

 Forest School - it's not just about fun, we do some great learning too!


Science in Forest School
As part of our Science Topic , 'Animals including Humans', we have been learning about the skeleton. We took our learning down to the woods and made 'Stick Skeletons', using our knowledge of the bones in the body. 
As part of our History Topic last term, we learned about the Ancient Greeks. We designed Greek pots and stone mosaics, we compared Athens and Sparta and decided which one we would prefer to live in and why. We learned about battles - The Battle of Marathon and Troy. (We wrote our own diaries based on the story of the Trojan Horse and looked at the historical facts to see if the story was real or myth  - see examples below.) We even learned about the Olympics. 
In Literacy, we focused on the story of Theseus and the Minotaur. Taking our learning down to the woods, we hunted for clues linked to the story which earned us points!
Literacy in Forest School
Music in Forest School
Last half term, (at home and at school) we learned about Rhythm and Pulse. We learned the length of different notes and the correct musical words to use to describe those notes. Then after our final lesson, we took our learning down to the woods and composed our own Rhythms. 
Maths in Forest School
This week we have been learning about 'Perimeter' in Maths. We learned to measure the outside of an area or shape. Down in the woods, we made our own shapes and then challenged the other groups to practice adding (mental maths) to work out the perimeter, using the sizes we gave them. We have been learning about length so some of our calculations involved mms, cms and metres. We challenged our learning by converting cms to mms and mms to cms.  
This summer, our history topic is 'The Victorians'. Helen Blackburn from Wild Tribe is leading the learning, down in Forest School.  This week, we learned about 'Moments in Time', we looked at photos of Queen Victoria and Beatrix Potter and guessed which one was which. We even had a tea party with Peter Rabbit - consisting of currant buns and of course Chamomile Tea!